Erä-Susi staff winter  2016-2017


Susi Nordman, owner, manager

Mirja Pyysiäinen, office ,owner

Welcome to meet the Erä-Susi staff !


We began our company Erä-Susi (Wilderness Wolf) in the year 1998 with 8 dogs and now 18 years later almost everything has changed, but still the huskies are the number one

and taking care of them is the main thing.


The husky safaris are run only 5 months per year, but taking care of the dogs is our work every single day! But luckily we have good care-takers to help us; cleaning the kennels, feeding and giving the drink. Also the other equipment needs to be taken care; 35 sleds, 8 skidoos, 4 ATVs ...

Welcome to have a safari!



   Updated 14.11.2016

Ivan Dubyshev

Sled dog guide & Canoeing guide


Ivan began his work in the

Christmas season 2008 and it is very

important to us because of
his language skills(Rus,Eng,Fin) In
summer -11 he begans as a permanent

worker. Ivan is doing also the service of our cars,snowmobiles, sleds ...

Lili Juvonen
Wilderness Guide & Sled dog guide  

Since the year 2007 Lili has been working with longer or shorter periods

and mostly in winetr times. She is  

a wilderness guide and  

animal trainer.


Martijn Jongenotter

Wilderness Guide & Sled dog guide 


Our new guide for the season is

Dutch Martijn. After the Kuru Wilderness guide school he has work

as a husky guide in the northern Finland.  Guidance also in the Flemish language!


Petri Jalonen
Wilderness Guide & Sled dog guide



Petri completed Wilderness Guide school

in Kuusamo 1996. His extra talents

are wilderness skills, achery and canoeing. He began husky work with

us in year 2012.


Sakari Mustonen

Wilderness Guide & Sled dog guide 

Sakari is our guide in Ruka huskyfam

in the winter season. 
He is the main guide

in the five-day-tour. In summer he is

guiding in the Bear center or

just "gone fishing"



Kimmo Kalaoja

Wilderness Guide & Sled dog guide



Kimmo graduated from Kronoby Outdoor Academy as a w Nordic

Wilderness Guide and he will begin his

work in Dec. with us. He has

worked few seasons as a guide in Taivalkoski Saija huskies.


Miia Määttä
Sled dog guide



Miia -as a age of 12- was keen to take

care of our horse and help

in the dog kennel.

After the tourism studies she begin

her work as a guide in summer 2013


Kari Lainevaara

Sled dog guide


Kari begins working with us in fall 2016.

He has husky work experience in Salla

in former years. He has 2 siberian

huskies and one mix-husky with him in Ruka



Pirkko Jalonen

Sled dog guide


Pirkko joined the team in the summer

of 2013 and  the summer of 2014,

he has served as Ruka husky farm.

Pirkko completed their apprenticeship ducation, tourism line in the

                     summer of 2015. 


Arvo Rontti

Service- & huskyfarm man



Since the year 2007 Arvo began his

work as a Husky man in our former

farm. His main work is the basic work

with huskies, but also helping with

the harnessing in the high season



Kalle Kaarineva

Coffee service


Kalle was our trainee few years ago, so

he is familiar to our winter and summer

activities. This winter is is taking care of

our clients coffee and snack service

by the fire


Place free about

2-4 days per week

Coffee service




Hermine LeBras

Sled dog guide


Hermine from Fance was helping

us in summer 2015 with the dogs and

now she is back and staying the whole winter

with her siberianhusky Lipton. She is an

agronomist by profession


Rolf Gerber



Now when he has time and change...

you can find our Swiss friend Rolf

here in our husky farm

to help us.


To be a trainee...

We will take trainees and
volunteers workers to help us.

We can accommodate you

in the farm.


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