Rent a Canoe or Kayak in Oulankajoki, Kuusamo


 It´s easy even for the beginner to paddle with Indian canoe. Canoeing is one of the

best  activities which Finland with its' thousands of lakes can offer.


KIUTAKÖNGÄS – NURMINIEMI 9 km   ( short trip)


The paddling time is short about 1 - 1,5 h. Only one fireplace and one sandy beach..

so better to take the longer trip :)

Duration  3 h 75 e / canoe or  50 e / kayak / person

KIUTAKÖNGÄS – JÄKÄLÄMUTKA 25 km ( Lower part of Oulankajoki)
The paradise route, many fireplaces and lots of sandy beaches. 
Take your time and Enjoy!

Duration  6 h  75 e / canoe    or 50 e / single kayak 

Overnight 2 days  110 e / canoe    or   80 e / single kayak 


Meeting the guide at Kiutaköngäs starting place. 

 We are using light and high quality We-no-nah and Mad River

canoes. We have the lesson about canoeing (route, map and about safety)

Then we will take off and start our trip. The pick up time is 17.30 from Jäkälämutka.

We also have some Oasis kayaks for one person and Oasis kayak for two persons
(for the same price as a canoe)



SAVILAMPI - KIUTAKÖNGÄS 12 km  ( Upper part of Oulankajoki)

First by car about 50 km to the starting point in Savilampi.The canoeing route from

Savilampi to Kiutaköngäs is also mostly flowing peacefully, but there is a big and

dangerous Taivalköngäs rapid, where you have to pass it by land pulling the canoe.

Also there are some small rapids, which are usually easy.

Duration 5 h      110 e / canoe     or      80 e / single kayak / person   


The canoe transfer from Kiutaköngäs to Savilampi (50km) by car.   

Duration  9 h        150 e / canoe  or   115 e / single kayak 
2 days  170 e / canoe  or   125 e / single kayak 
3 days  220 e / canoe  or   135 e / single kayak 


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